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Employer accused of forcing employee to house prostitutes

Some duties that employees are forced to tend to from day to day are simply part of the job. When executives force their employees to do things outside the realm of the workplace, employment violations begin to crop up.

An employment law suit filed by a Florida employee of a debt collection company claims that his boss ordered him to provide housing to prostitutes in his home, and tormented him in other ways. He argues that these actions should be sufficient grounds for voiding his employment contract.

During his 10 year stint with the firm, he asserts, he experienced various objectionable office pranks, found that his co-workers engaged in widespread drug use and that his boss used his home for assignations with prostitutes he wished to have sex with.

His boss did this because he needed a place to engage in sex with the prostitutes, as the man was married, according to the plaintiff. The employee also discovered that one of these prostitutes was left overnight in his residence.

To make matters worse, his boss also purportedly harassed his ill mother, and referred to her with a vulgar sexual nickname and other terms referring to her anatomy. The boss also sent false text messages to the man’s girlfriend, pretending to be him, trying to lure her to a dinner.

Not all the harassment was sexual, however. The boss also kept as much as half of all the commissions which the employee earned on successful collections, denying the employee a major part of his compensation, he claims.

Rightfully so, the employee wants to be awarded damages, including the withheld commissions, as well as to be released from his remaining contract with the company. The lawsuit was filed in a Florida state court. No worker should be forced to endure such a hostile work environment.

Source: Huff Post Small Business, “Mark Oliff, Florida Man, says Boss used his home for sex with prostitutes,” Sept. 28, 2012.