Practice Areas

Hollywood Attorney for Workplace Harassment Claims — Fort Lauderdale Employment Dispute Attorney

The South Florida Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A., provides effective legal counsel and representation in employment law, with civil and business litigation, and arbitration capabilities. We deliver cost-effective solutions with a focus on strong client service and excellence in and out of court.

Employment Law: Protecting Employee Rights and Employer Interests

Our firm advises and represents employees who may have experienced unfair or illegal treatment by an employer, as well as employers looking to protect their interests and assets. Our employment law activities include:

  • Employment Discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination: Protecting clients’ rights in the workplace
  • Retaliation, including whistle blower retaliation: Representing clients who may have been treated unfairly by a retaliatory employer
  • Wage and hour claims: Helping individuals and companies in claims involving unpaid compensation, overtime pay and benefits, including representation in Department of Labor wage and hour audits
  • Litigation of non-compete agreement and theft of trade secret claims
  • Defamation: Assisting employees in cases of slander or libel that can result in damage to reputation, loss of income, loss of a job or other adverse consequences
  • Review, drafting and negotiation of employment related agreements: Advising individuals and businesses on severance agreements, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, employee handbooks, employee manuals and employment policies
  • Employee training: Training and consultation in the areas of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, helping companies optimize processes and avoid legal difficulties
  • Workplace violence: Providing legal counsel in cases of violence in the workplace

Civil and Business Litigation: Getting Results When It Counts

The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah offers effective counsel in a variety of non-employment related civil and business matters. With an extensive record of trial and settlement success on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, we can utilize our experience on both sides of the table to your advantage. In every situation, we develop and implement a workable strategy to help our clients get results.

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