Employment Law

The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A., concentrates much of its practice on employment issues. We take pride in advocating for the rights of workers and businesses, and resolving disputes between employers and employees in creative ways.

In addition to having extensive experience in numerous federal and state courts, South Florida attorney Rod Hannah is skilled at helping reach settlements between his clients and other parties before a case goes to trial. He offers arbitration services, as well as litigation capabilities. Contact us to find out more.

Fighting for Employee Rights

If you believe you have experienced unfair or illegal treatment by an employer, consulting a lawyer is an important first step. Broward County employment discrimination lawyer Rod Hannah provides a variety of legal services to employees, representing their interests and fighting for their rights. He helps clients with issues that include:

  • Discrimination, harassment and wrongful discharge or termination: If an individual’s rights are violated in the workplace, an attorney can help bring about justice and fairness.
  • Retaliation, including whistle blower retaliation: When unfair treatment of an employee occurs as “payback” for a complaint, a workers’ compensation claim or another action, pursuing a legal case can be an effective solution.
  • Defamation: If an employee has been the victim of slander (verbal defamation) or libel (defamation in writing) that results in damage to reputation, loss of income or loss of a job, strong legal representation can help right the wrong.
  • Wage and hour claims: In cases where an employee has not been properly compensated for his or her work, or denied the use of vacation, sick time or other benefit, a skilled lawyer can help get the compensation or damages deserved.
  • Workplace violence: When assault and battery or other aggression occurs in the workplace, a knowledgeable attorney can help an employee chart a course of action.

Protecting the Assets and Interests of Employers

Fort Lauderdale employment law lawyer Rod Hannah also offers important legal services to employers, suing and defending in the areas mentioned above. He also provides professional review and negotiation of severance agreements and non-compete agreements, wage and hour audits for small employers, and preparation of employee handbooks. Mr. Hannah also conducts employee training in the areas of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, helping companies to be proactive in avoiding legal difficulties.

We maintain a high level of legal knowledge related to employment matters, keeping abreast of new developments in the law that may affect your case. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.