Wise, Cost-Effective Solutions to Legal Problems

Mediation can be an efficient and focused way to resolve disputes, providing a more affordable alternative to polarized court battles. Fort Lauderdale mediation lawyer Rod Hannah facilitates mediated solutions to a variety of civil matters.

As an alternative to traditional litigation, mediation presents outstanding benefits to those individuals and businesses that utilize it. While trials can be expensive, stressful and overly formal, with one-sided outcomes, mediation can be used to reach specific resolutions that satisfy all parties involved — and the process can be completed more quickly than you might expect. Contact us to learn more.

Employment Dispute and Business Mediation

Veteran Florida attorney Rod Hannah is a circuit court-certified mediator who has worked extensively with individuals, small businesses, larger corporations and other entities as a trial lawyer in both defense and plaintive roles, which has honed his ability to understand multiple perspectives in a case. Importantly, he is experienced with more complex multi-party and third party situations that extend beyond typical plaintiff-defendant scenarios.

Broward County dispute resolution lawyer Rod Hannah has successfully employed mediation in matters that include:

  • Contract disputes involving breach of contract, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, and other contract problems
  • Business disputes involving trade practices and other concerns
  • Employment matters like discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, wage and hour and compensation issues, retaliation and whistle blower situations
  • Professional liability regarding construction, architecture and engineering

In many cases, we can help bring about excellent results through creative means without the use of more cumbersome legal methods. Contact us to discuss how mediation could be beneficial in your situation.